By Pastor Roncs Ese-Etame

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon in Washington DC, His Excellency Etoundi Essomba, received in audience, in his offices, a delegation from the American company, ONPASSIVE, led by Mrs. Marie Noelle Meka, and composed of Mr. Charles Osong, Reverend Roncs Ese- Etame, and Mr. Fernand Kuete on Friday, August 04, 2023, in Washington DC. This hearing follows the exchanges that the two parties had on April 13, 2022, on the evolution of cybernetics and the application of artificial intelligence with a view to accelerating the economic growth of Cameroon.

In his opening statement, Mr. Charles Osong presented the evolution of the path taken by ONPASSIVE. He renewed his thanks to His Excellency, Etoundi Essomba, for his availability to support the initiatives of companies wishing to contribute to the economic development of Cameroon and its people. He recalled that His Excellency, President Paul Biya, said: « we will promote meetings between project leaders, whether public or private, and investors, whether foreign or national. » All these provisions bear witness to Cameroon’s firm will to attract ever more productive investments on its soil, with the aim of accelerating the economic growth and prosperity of its people.

In addition, He reiterated that Mr. Ash Mufareh, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ONPASSIVE, plans to help eliminate poverty in the world with the effective participation of the founding members and affiliates acquired by the vision and the movement that is ONPASSIVE. The ambassador, His Excellency Etoundi Essomba, for his part, wishes that the solutions offered by the ONPASSIVE company are practical, easy to use and that they quickly demonstrate their performance in the cybernetic space so that the fruits keep the promises flowers.

ONPASSIVE’s advanced solutions, it should be remembered, are powered by artificial intelligence. They are designed to revolutionize and optimize all business operations, allowing companies to focus on advancing innovation and achieving exponential growth. ONPASSIVE, which plans to be the future of the internet, has already acquired the Dubai metro station which is now called ONPASSIVE METRO STATION, two floors in the prestigious Burj Khalifa building and is located in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, in the United States of America, Singapore and INDIA.

ONPASSIVE encourages countries, businesses and people to get their fair share of this ongoing revolution, as it helps companies unlock their business potential through artificial intelligence. ONPASSIVE is committed to addressing the major challenges facing humanity. It is with this in mind that it will soon put on the market an ecosystem of software and applications that will provide solutions to all the needs of Internet users. It has developed many solutions, namely O-Connect, O-Tracker, O Wallet, O-Mail, O-Net, O-Trim, O Verify, O create, O Cademy, O capture, O Peer, O Dit, O Bless, O Virtual, O Desk, O Mart, O Staff, O Shop, O Domain, O Counting, O Chat, O Post, O Commerce to name but a few.

At the end of the audience, the delegation thanked His Excellency, Etoundi Essomba, for promoting this warm consultation. The delegation also expressed wishes for this exchange to become a tradition within the framework of Cameroon’s strategic development missions. The Ambassador encouraged ONPASSIVE to reach out to countries, communities, and businesses to highlight its vision and mission. This ONPASSIVE delegation, which recently visited Gabon, Ethiopia, and Cameroon, will hold consultations in other African countries during the year 2023 with a view to consolidating strategic partnerships and implementing the resolutions of this consultation.




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