The Sawa Community is calling


The Sawa community organizes its first annual convention from 01 September to 03 September 2023 in the Washington DC area in the USA. The festivities will be enhanced by the conference, workshops, music of many artists and folk dance groups from Europe, Canada and all the USA including: ESA the author of MUSUNGEDI (the savior), Eyaye(bosting), Maria, dikaki (the promise), muna (babe), ndima (blindness) just to name a few and our own and only artist the famous NGUISA the author of the following popular pieces the best in their categories Nanou, lonon, eyala, nanana, and Mbale . Needless to mention that the best dance groups will show off their prowess during the gala evening.

Exhibitions of artwork and traditional outfits as well as a fashion show will be presented. Chaired by Dr. Ngollo Dina, he coordinates the eight commissions that are doing their utmost to assure a successful convention. The hosting President Mr. Guillaume Mbappe, the president of Mboa Sawa O America, is holding meeting day in and day out. He is making several phone calls to make sure that the delegates will travel without any visa and transportation issues.

 If you are hanging around the DC, you have no excuse and don’t miss out. Make it a date and be part of this once in a lifetime event in the Washington DC area where no stone is left unturned. Be part of history as our own the greatest historian of Cameroon, the author of the bestselling book Hitler wanted Africa, the president of the editorial board of the history of Cameroon, Prince Professor Kum’a Ndumbe III will be there.  He will tell you about the history of the Sawa peoples and everything you want to know about preserving your culture.

Check in here at these links: 2023 Convention de Sawa (, Sawa Convention North America | Facebook, Sawa Convention North America (@sawaconventionna) • Instagram photos and videos, Sawa Convention North America – YouTube


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