On this festive evening, ONPASSIVIANS had gathered to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Stephen Ademola Olujimi. The members of ONPASSIVE, great dignitaries of this august enterprise, responded to the invitation of the eminent man. The evening was lively and effervescent. One could observe the joy in the looks and the harmony in the exchanges without forgetting the large buffet which was filled with all the menus hoped for in this circumstance. The drink flowed freely and was accompanied by the gaieties of the days of great galas. It looked like a food fair; the choice was open in contemporary gastronomy. The reception program included the arrival of guests, the entrance of the celebrant and his family, the opening prayer, the words of the celebrant, the presentations of the grandchildren, the response of the celebrant, the cutting of the cake, family photos, the dance, the word of thanks, and the closing prayers. In short, an evening under the control of the Spirit of God.

Indeed, a well-organized evening, with songs, dances, choreographies, speeches rekindled the fraternal flames of a community that feels united. Several influential members of Onpassive were present. These include Charles Osong (Papa Africa,) Reverend Roncs Ese Etamé, First Lady Anne Ese, Mrs. Sengue Metuge, Pastor Sam Ore, Pastor Debbie Ore, Mrs. Sade Cole Faks, Mr. Kpozo Charles, Mrs. Rose Ashton. It was a pleasure to meet and interact with all these members of the community. An evening rich in colors first by the imposing clothing that each declined on him, it seemed like a heavenly party. African outfits of legendary beauty dominated the room. The women were beautiful in their flamboyant scarves and loincloths. The men did not fail to attract attention with their handpicked colored gandouras.

Some sitting in suits had trouble getting up as the gaze was riveted on them to have a reading on their costume or dress. Dr. Stephen Ademola’s seventieth birthday won all the bets. He has demonstrated that he deserves to proudly wear such an age, because it is the age of strong men. Dr. Ademola is a humble and supportive man, a man who has always shown his sense of sharing and gathering and this day he demonstrated it again. Dr. Stephen Ademola is 70; like Socrates before the court of Athens, demanded recognition for those who lived, he gives it, he shares it and presents himself as a model to follow. Being 70 years old is a gift from God, it is an age of possibility and wisdom, he proudly wears it on his face with love. This is what moved each guest, because we found that it is not today that Stephen is wise, he was already since he was 30 years old. So, there are 40 years to pass on to the younger generation. Stephens are usually fighting, rebellious, imaginative people.

We will advise everyone to look at the psychological pattern that accompanies such a life, to see that there is an amazing intensive glow that unites the will of a man who works not only the external aspect, but also the inner aspect, dynamism, and sociability. What a divine promise of success for this man so humble, sober but so secretive. Here is Stephen in great shape in a serene dawn who says thank you for these moments of joy that he knew how to share by taking it upon himself to dance with all the guests in the company of his charming wife who was always by his side. We hope that this kind of ceremony is multiplying in the community. We take our hats off to this family who allowed us to enjoy the most beautiful moments of Dr. Stephen Ademola. Decoration God’s idea décor, DJ Spider Tmi, musicians Femi Shiloh and Omega, Akdey productions, Pedro photography and MC royalty Concepts kept guests in suspense, appointment given to guests for a future edition.


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